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Schar Launches Gluten Free Panini Rolls

New delicious product alert!! Schar got in touch with me to tell me they’ve launched gluten free panini rolls in the UK, and I was too excited to try them. So, I’m pleased that I can now report…  they did not disappoint!

Soft and filling, these low fat, high fibre Panini rolls are perfect for a deli-style lunch, whether at work, school or on a trip. You get three (quite big) Panini Rolls per pack. I grilled mine with ham and cheese inside – so good!

If you want to try them, here are a couple of great recipes which are a bit more creative than mine!

Panini rolls alla caprese with pesto


Panini Rolls with avocado and celery – chutney


Panini rolls with lemon hummus


They are suitable for people with coeliac disease, the recipe is also free from gluten, wheat, preservatives and lactose. Highly recommended.

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